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1.We Expect That It Will Take About 2 Years Give Or Take To Complete Our Trip Across The U.S. And Canada









2.This Is The Coolest Bus Ever









3.One Of Our Favorite Parts Of The Bus Is Her Fully-Functioning Kitchen









4.Our Sweet Bus Is Starting To Look More And More Like A Home!









5.School Bus Coversion









6.I Won’t Say I Don’t Love The Escape And The Pleasantries Of Traditional Accommodation. But I Can Say That For Now Vanna The Van Is Home









7.Everyone Meet Atlas (Sprinter Lwb High Roof). He Is My New Home









8.This Is Our First Van We Ever









9.We Were Living In A 5000 Sq Ft House Sick Of Living The “Normal” Life That Everyone Thought We Should So We Packed Our 4 Kids Into A 250 Sq Ft Converted School Bus And Headed West And We’re Loving It









10.We Converted A 1966 Greyhound Commuter Bus Into A Cute Mobile Home









11.How I Converted A Rusty Cargo Van Into A Unique Mobile Studio









12.First Project - Volkswagen T3


















14.This Build Was Done For A Firefighter Out Of Toronto









15.My New Home









16.My Cozy Adventure Rig









17.This Car Means Everything To Me And It’s Crazy How Happy I Get Putting All My Money And Effort Into This Home









18.Living The Van Life And Inspiring Everyone To Get Outdoors









19.Our Home On Wheels









20.A Couple Late Nights And A Few Too Many Mcdonald’s Runs And We Have A Cabin On Wheels Complete








21.Room With A View









22.It Feels So Good To Finally Be Done With It. Now It's Time For The Best Part, Seeing The World In It And Decorate It With Bits And Pieces From All Over The Place









23.We Transformed This Camper Van In 6 Weeks With Only £1000









24.I Had So Many Requests For A Room Tour Of Our Build, So Here It Is









25.Think We’re Nearly There









26.Then And Now. It’s 2 Years To The Day Since We Picked Up Our Little Van. Looks A Wee Bit Different Now









27.Home Sweet Home









28.Our Firetruck. Dwelling Through Europe With My Sister For Over 8 Months









29.In Two Weeks We’ll Be Setting Out For Our Journey To Alaska. We’ve Added A Few Finishing Touches To Our Little Home









30.A Little Glimpse Into The Home We Tuck Ourselves Into Each Night